Throughout the years, the idea and principle of Casa Solutions have long been in incubation and been conceptualized by the Founder and CEO, Mr. Mohammed Mubarik. With the conviction of being able to exploit and enhance the great experience acquired in the property development market, with a high-quality product capable to satisfy the increasingly demanding and attentive clientele using uncompromising quality and durable products. MMHOMES, the company that birthed Casa Solutions, is vigorous and blooming due to the commitment and vision of Mr. Mubarik. Parallel to the formation of Casa Solutions, MMHOMES has now become a subsidiary of CASA SOLUTIONS.

The Casa Solutions brand represents a company in line with the times, founded on the productive system of rationality and on the experience which is continuously fed by the innovation incentives. We are dedicated to seizing the modern trends concerning the furnishings sector and to translate them into high-quality products. The passion and the care for the details have allowed the ability to select excellent products enhanced by a creative eye for quality.

We allow our customers to select the level, type of design, and price range of the door, according to their demands, and personal and financial capability. We believe that our success is a direct result of our commitment to uncompromised excellence in every step of our product selection process.

Our market research showed that Ghanaians always preferred products of good quality, which is an important starting point so that we can intervene as a reference of our products to the highest standards. We have innovative technology and a wide range of breathtaking designs which meet global standards.

We also cover our products with a warranty and have accessories available to meet any future repair or renovation. We don’t only offer quality and safety, but also the newest and most innovative design that sets standards.

We can fulfill any possible architectural challenge with unique design, high aesthetics, and functional luxury. We market future-oriented products based on our long experience, deep know-how, and highest standard. We have sales and service teams who personally install each product we sell.


Our mission is to provide technologically innovative products, that combine safety and design in a wide range of openings such as doors and windows and kitchens sets, adaptable to any decor. This has been our foremost objective since the company’s creation.

Casa Solutions distinguishes itself for the innovation of its products and its ability to market unrivaled products, that offer simple but luxurious solutions that make the use of the latest technologies within the reach of everyone. The company has established itself as the Ghanaian partner of various top notch and world-leading doors and windows manufacturing brands in Ghana and are able to develop excellent craftsmanship in design and innovation in the construction industry. Coupled with the desire to bring the best doors and windows and kitchen sets for the professional construction industry division (hospitals, hotels, schools and offices) and with great attention to the protection of and respect for the environment.


At Casa Solutions, we view our values with commitment and passion. The pulsating heart of the company is supported by the typical values of the Ghanaian Real Estate industry that have favored the growth and the development counting not only on quality product but on qualified people as well as the essential element to meet with professionalism and the challenge of continuous market evolution. Our priority is to provide cutting-edge products that offers quality and safety that goes through rigorous security controls and are built with global standard safety guidelines. 

Special attention has been dedicated to the improvement of the productive environment. The competences are continuously fed by innovation that across every business process. A great attention is given to sales service managed by qualified persons to guarantee technical and commercial answers to the customer. Training activities scheduled also guarantees a constant update with the end customer in order to be in line with the new cultural consumption patterns and in coherence with the commercial proposal.

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